Why invest?

More than x3 growth in less than a year

In May 2021 we raised money to expand our operations. And so we did: we grew our loan book threefold from 500k EUR to 1.8 million EUR. We pursued the expansion to Romania, namely we registered a company there and relocated our CEO to Bucharest, we worked with local lawyers to prepare the documents for authorization as a European crowdfunding company and successfully submitted them to the Financial Supervision Authority on June 7th 2022.

A company that over delivers

On top of that, we have over delivered on our promises and launched the secondary market platform and the iOS and Android mobile apps.

A growing stellar team

Five business exits, 15 years of working together, a collective experience at Bloomberg, PwC, Grant Thornton, Thomson Reuters etc and an advisory board spread across major European cities are just some of the stellar attributes that define our team.

A community digital bank

Fagura is in its infancy of becoming the first community digital bank that will give access to instant investing, borrowing and money transfers. For people in the diaspora and those at home.

Committed Capital from lead investor

Fagura secured a commitment in principle worth 200k EUR from a lead investor for the next funding round. Investing alongside an investment fund gives you some additional peace of mind.

Why Seedrs?

We believe in the power of community investment and Seedrs offers the best European platform in this regard. For eligible companies the Seedrs "Secondary Market" may allow you to exit earlier

Video presentation

We have built from scratch a technical platform that has been validated in the market for more than two years. We crowdfund now to scale our project and expand in the Romanian market (for borrowers) and all European countries (for investors). We intermediate p2p loans for individuals and our plan is to do the same for startups and SMEs. See more details in the video below.


Winner of the InnovX BCR
Scaleup cohort, 2021

EBRD Star Venture Programme, 2022
Winner in the EBRD Star Venture Programme (Romania, Bulgaria & Moldova)

Brand of the Year in FinTech, 2022
Vip Magazin, Republic of Moldova

I want to invest. What should I do?

Address in an EU country

It is necessary to have an invoice or other document confirming your address in an European Union country

User account on Seedrs.com

You need to create an investor account on Seedrs.com and verify your identity

Money in the account

On the launching day, it is important to have the money ready for investment

Priority access

Fill the form with your contact details to receive priority access for investment in Fagura equity

We are here to help you

For other questions, you can write to us. We will be happy to answer you.

Tudor Darie


Cristian Pasa

Chief Operating Officer

Dumitru Ciorici

Business Development

Constantin Donutu

Angel Investor, Digital Marketing

Sergiu Gidei

Angel Investor, Board Member at CEE Attorneys